Grammy Nominated Producer Mr Lee

Over the past two decades, Mr Lee’s soulful and synth heavy sound has not only been emulated, but has allowed him to rack up 9 platinum albums, 6 gold albums and singles on the radio for 13 consecutive years. He has had the opportunity to work with an array of artists including Nipsey Hussle, Megan Thee Stallion , Drake, Slim Thug, Mary J. Blige, Paul Wall, Tupac and many more. Mr lee is a two time Grammy nominated music producer who has over 20 years in the music industry and still going!

“20 years is a long time to be successful in anything.
To still be relevant in a competitive industry is a blessing.
I'm looking forward to the next 20 years.” - Mr Lee

Making of Nipsey Hussle's Blue Laces 2

Watch Mr Lee produce the legendary track from Nipsey Hussle Blue Laces 2 off the album Victory Lap. Mr Lee and Nipsey Hussle created a sound together that will forever go down in history .“Blue Laces 2” is a sequel to Hussle’s “Blue Laces” off of his 2010 mixtape, The Marathon. 

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